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Kondapalli, situated about 24 kms from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh is home for the globally reputed handmade wooden toys, known as Kondapalli Toys.  It is a unique art form sharing the rich legacy and honour of scores of craftsman of this artisan village, bringing forth its ancestral tradition, despite a change in the lifestyle of the modern world.



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The world-famous Kondapalli toys (dolls) are handmade, and these small wonders made of softwood known as TellaPoniki painted with natural colours, is a feast to the eyes. The paints used typically are vegetable dyes for exports, oil paints for domestic sales, while enamel paints are for special occasions.

Aunique assortment of Kondapalli handmade wooden toys/Kondapalli Bommalu decked on wooden steps sequentially, depicting a Royal Procession, Deities, Weddings, Daily Life, Puranas, Ratha yatra, Little Playthings or Miniature Kitchen Utensils, at most households is a part of Andhra Culture, and the tradition is observed with pomp during the festivals,for centuries.  

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